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Air Floor Gymnastics Mat Factory - Vano Inflatables

Air Floor Gymnastics Mat for Everyone

The Air Floor Gymnastics Mat are for athletes all around the globe. The full airtrack line is suitable to each exercise, but we still propose different air mats for different purposes exactly. First of all, the air track mats are all airtight and not heavy, and some small sizes are even portable. Vano Inflatables Limited manufactures the air floor mats with good quality materials and skillful workmanship.

Air Gymnastics Mat for Personal Use at Home

As a professional China airtrack factory, Vano Inflatables has a great number of home use air floor mats for training. Actually, it is easy to set the air track up with the gymnastics equipments. It enables the customers practice anytime and anywhere they prefer. The Air Floor Gymnastics Mat is made of commercial and strong PVC materials and accessories. It is the same reliable quality as the airtrack professional players use. The clients can be sure about the secured circumstances for exercise with AirTrack or AirFloor for home use.

Get Improved and Enjoy it
Does everyone know how to do practice when they don’t go to the gym or arena? Although the good discipline class is the best, we recommend a specific air track gymnastics. The AirBeam and AirTrack are one of the best options for safe training. Rely on Vano Inflatables and talk to the coach. The weight of home use airtrack is light in just a small portable package. They make it with same good quality thick fabric for large inflatable training set.

Gymnastics Air Track Mats

As we know, one gymnast created the original AirTrack exactly for gymnastics. The AirTracks have been becoming quite popular all over the world since 2016. Many gyms are buying new airtracks and getting rid of the traditional heavy device for gymnastics and training. Obviously, practice on the air track mats are more secured, exciting and productive than traditional facilities. It is of confidence the gymnasts will considerably improve their skills. Take a look at the products and see whether there are something attractive to replace the stock. What is more, the airtracks are totally different and much better than conventional gym equipments. They are light and portable, but the old gymnastics facilities are very heavy and hard for the jumping.