Air Floor Mat Gymnastics Airtrack Factory Wholesale

Air Floor Mat Gymnastics Airtrack Factory Wholesale

Air Floor Mat – Airtrack Gymnastics Wholesale

For inflatable air floor mat, there are three popular sizes of thickness, 10 cm, 20 cm and 30 cm. In addition, the gymnastics airtracks also come in a lot of shapes and dimensions. It is not easy to select a thickness, and hereby Vano Inflatables Limited has some suggestions for customers at Firstly, there is kind of low pressure for 20 cm and 30 cm air floor mat. Therefore, it is easier to perform the exercise, such as high jumping and take off. The higher rebound are good for soft landing and bring less impact on people’s body. Next, when the persons use thinner Inflatable Air Track from 10 cm to 20 cm, they will obtain faster rebound and better stability.

One thing for reminder, just make sure of inflating sufficient pressure in appropriate bounce and stability to keep the users from injuries. Do you have any idea on picking the air tracks now? If you request more suggestions, just leave a message online or email us at

Train Safe and Fun on Air Floor Mat

Some sports enthusiasts probably want to train safe and fun, and the airtrack will be the ideal option. Besides, it is also able to raise the level of exercise. Actually, Vano Inflatables recommend thicker air floor gymnastics mat for the gym and sports clubs. As everyone knows, there are both gymnastics amateurs and professional users there. Wider room is available for practices and plays with suitable pressure from the inflatable air track. The high level athletes can use the strong and bouncing air mat at higher pressure. Meanwhile, the learners are able to enjoy the lower pressure air tracks, as they are less bouncy for easy moves. The consumers can choose the different air mats based on the sports they perform, and their weight, ages and skills. Still need further advice on selection of air floor? Just visit