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AirBeam Gymnastics Mat - Inflatable Air Track Factory Vano Inflatables

AirBeam for Gym – Gymnastics Beam Airtrack Mats

The airbeam is definitely going to bring the confidence to every gymnastics exercisers under minimum risk of getting injuried. Basically, the inflatable air beam mats will minimize people’s worries and fears. They are able to practice beam gymnastics in their houses, gym or outdoor. The chance of injuries is much lower than traditional equipments. Besides, there is an apparent line of four inches wide in the middle, and practicers can feel the beam’s side. No problem for them to concentrate on practicing and standing.

Importantly, Vano Inflatables AirTrack Factory has more than 12 years experience in sports equipments industry. As a matter of face, every product is under double quality inspections before sales. Furthermore, there is three years guarantee for these air tracks. The foot air pump or electric blower is necessary, and the inflation just takes not more than 90 seconds. Next, the pressure of airbeams is adjustable easily, and people can put them wherever they are. There is no any noise while using the tumble air mats. The height of product of 4 inches with good bouncing and a raised middle line. More details, just visit