AirFloor 3 x 1 m Gymnastics AirTrack Mat

AirFloor 3 x 1 m Gymnastics AirTrack Mat -

AirFloor 3 x 1 m for Sale – Airtrack Factory China

AirFloor 3 x 1 m is standard size for personal gymnastics practices and jumping moves. Basically, it works pretty well for the floor training and tumbling. The wide range of use also includes Yoga, Kung fu, parkour and more sports. The airfloor is a perfect option for many exercisers. First of all, the air track floor is a very popular equipment for home use in people’s daily life. Importantly, one year quality guarantee is available. Vano Inflatables Limited has more than 10 years experience in inflatable equipment manufacturing. Secondly, the inflation is rather easy and fast in less than four minutes. The pressure is easily adjustable to the users preference.

Next, the airfloor is a safe and soft inflatable product of bounce, so people are able to jump and stand well on it. People can take it easily elsewhere in a small and light box as a portable item. Because the constant air blowing is not necessary, there is no any noise in the process of training on air tumbling mat. The popular thickness is 10 cm and softer 20 cm. Why not try a airfloor 3 meter now? Send enquiry to