Cheap Inflatable Tumble Track – Air Mat Floor for Sale

Cheap Inflatable Tumble Track Air Mat Floor for Sale

Cheap Inflatable Tumble Track – Buy Air Mat Floor

Are you looking for cheap inflatable tumble track? We have plenty of air mats for your choice, price from $200 to $2,000 FREE SHIPPING. Maybe you are worried about the quality? Not necessary. Actually, we provide a long time warranty of two years. From the feedback of our overseas customers, most of them have been using the air tumble tracks over 2 years. Everything goes well. We recommend you the good brand “Vano Inflatable Airtrack”. Normally, every buyer would like to assure the quality when they order the products. Many athletes want to start training at many places, and the airtrack make their dreams come ture. Besides, it is also suitable for kids to play games there.

Air Tumble Track – Good for Tumbling & Training

Last week, Jack and Tony went to the gym together. They felt really surprised when they saw several guys are tumbling on the inflatable floor mat. Jack didn’t know that is a hot airtrack at the time. Now, he and Tony like it so much after trying the tumble track a few times. They can jump, wrestle and “fight” safely there, as it is an inflatable capsule. People can try to do some tough motions on the protective airtrack, such as jumping or flipping. You can see the air track mat brings them so much fun. Therefore, more and more people heard about it and now buy smaller size 3m for home use.

Firstly, there are a wide range of cheap inflatable tumble track air mats, various colors in blue, white, grey, pink, yellow and more. The blue model is in hotest sales volume. The most popular size for home use is 10 feet long by 3 feet wide, which has good cost performance. The sales on Amazon and Wal-mart are extremely hot. Click to read our LinkedIn profile.

For more different sizes, we have our strength for customization and logo printing, including 4 meter to 10 meter long. Many professional gym fitness centers prefer the large specifications, since they have the sufficient room to place the airtrack. It accommodates tens of clients out there and allows them to practice and tumble. Everybody is secured on the soft inflatable equipment, as the tumble air track helps minimize the chance of injury. What is more, it is suitable for outdoor events. Some people carry it to the park for leisure or even on the water for recreation. Those are some of the nice ideas.

Price details: click here from $240.