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Some home airtrack supplies are replaceable with their broken openning, as we have spare parts to match it. As we know, the products from famous brands are much more expensive, since they provide better after sale service. That is a good lesson to China suppliers instead of just selling the items at cheap cost. The after sale service is always important. The consumers are willing to buy the air tracks with quality and service guaranteed, thought the price is higher.

The majority of home airtrack mats consist of economical pvc materials for the opening. However, there are a big defect on it, especially in the extreme hot or freezing weather. It is easy to be broken. Considering this issue, we produce high quality air mats with strong double wall fabric. There is no problem in different temperature. It is heavier but more durable. The technics in the production process is pretty mature, such as hot sealing and water proof. The air tumble tracks have a long life time, minimum two years. Just make sure of keeping it in good conditions. The gymnasts love air mats so much. Besides, you can also use it for Yoga or school cheerleading etc.