Airtrack Block – Good for Gymnastics and Cheerleading

Airtrack Block - Good for Gymnastics and Cheerleading

Airtrack Block Introduction for Gymnasts and Cheerleaders

Airtrack Block is available at cheap price. produces and provides a wide categories of inflatable sports equipments for home and gym use. One of our most greatly well-received apparatus is the gymnastics airtrack block. Actually, ambitious sportsmen are able to improve jumps, tumbling and flips with our equipments. Most importantly, compared with traditional jumping mats, they are a lot more secure. The brand new items by Vano Inflatables Limited help to resolve the below problems for dancers, cheerleaders and gymnasts.

Here are the advantages of our inflatable airtracks and air blocks as follows.

1. Hard to store it. There is no need to concern with the space occupation in gym or at home, since the equipment is deflatable and foldable. Then it is easy to put it into a package to store or carry elsewhere. Just keep the air track in the cabinet or warehouse with convenience when your kids finish the training of sports. One electric air pump is available free of charge to support your easy both inflation and deflation.

2. The Possibility of Injuries. In fact, definitely focuses on the safe products. Our air tracks are greatly softer on the panel than the conventional gymnastics mats. That is the reason why the possibility of injuries is lower, much less accidents. Apparently, our airtrack blocks help to protect your children from the risk of harm, when they are doing the practice in the household or at gyms. It is a perfect choice to you.

3. Lack of Ability for Training. Our equipments are convenient to be built in different places. It is feasible to blow the airtrack at home, in the park or other outdoor locations. Besides, air tumble track is repairable within short time with repair kit we offer, if there is any damage issues.

Airtrack Block Supplier

Vano Inflatables Limited is a world’s leading vendor for airtrack gymnastics mat products from China. You can visit our product category “AirTrack” to have more details on the innovation. Basically, with the reliable quality level, we have supplied our air mats worldwide, mainly including Europe, Canada, USA and Australia.